How do you want to
play with
your relationship with your audience?

Experiential is NOT just an event.

It's the quickening of the heart.

The expanding of the mind.

The deepening of human connection.

Be it to a brand, a mission, an action, or a story.

With over three decades of award-winning content creation and storytelling (from the stage to the digital stratosphere), SUPER AWESOME FRIENDS builds strategic and groundbreaking creative. We work with brands, social impact and entertainment to design live and fully-immersive experiences connected to digital that shift your relationship to your audience.

We know this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, don't you?

Strategy & Content Creation

We know you're not like everyone else. We meet you where you are. We envision where you want to go and we build a real plan across platforms to get you there. With a nimble team of strategists, creative directors, designers, artists, producers, and performers, we evaluate your business objectives so that the fun can really begin. From storytelling, strategy and social listening, to copywriting, community management, and video and audio content, we evaluate, adjust, make moves and make magic. Now doesn't that sound sweet?

Strategy & Content Creation

We make distinguished, awesome content with an "evaluate, adjust and move" approach. Sweet.

  • High Level Strategy
  • Global Brand Integration
  • Video Production (long form, short form)
  • Podcast and Music Creation
  • Photography
  • AI
  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Engagement
  • Livestream Production
  • Digital Long Form and Short Form Copywriting
  • Digital Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • Community Management
  • App Creation
  • Social Good
  • Are You Really Reading This?
  • Awesome, You Rock!

Experiential Design

In a noisy world, we believe extraordinary, architected experiences matter. They are fun. They are surprising. They are meaningful. But the big event is just one star in a constellation of stories, strategies, platforms, podcasts and social moments. From consulting to design, experiential direction to on-site digital integration, we create opportunities for long term relationships with your brand in spaces and ways you wouldn't imagine.

Experiential Design

No two experiences are the same.

  • Experiences - designs and integrations that seamlessly maximize brand exposure
  • Celebrations - punctuating your story and brand with fun
  • Conversations - cultivating your consumers affinity and affiliation with brand ambassadors
  • Satellite moments - before the first act and after the curtain call to continue to capture attention

Friends Building

We're the pals who see things in you that you don't always see in yourself. We help ponies find their inner unicorns. Whether it's starting fresh and working with individuals to build their personal brands, or facilitating strategic partnerships between you and other companies, we've got your back for optimal opportunities and maximum potential.

Friends Building

Talent and Influence

It's time to realize that we are all brands, but also complicated humans. We can help you bridge that glittery gap.

  • Working with individuals to create high level strategy to make their brands
  • Developing a strategic micro- influencer list
  • Work with talent to create branding experiences
  • Training and workshops
  • Connecting to other brands and partners

It's not just what it is, it's where it goes. Distribution is key to getting eyeballs on your sweet, sweet content.

  • Series Placement
  • Exclusives
  • Partnerships
  • Relationships with the major social networks
  • Email management
  • Website and Microsite Design
  • Tracking, Analytics, and Insight
  • Social Sentiment

Clients Are Friends.

Gloria: A Life

Girl From The North Country

Camille A. Brown and Dancers

Basquiat The Musical

Beaches The Musical
Fiddler on the Roof West End



Miracle on 22nd Street


National Park Service

Olivier Awards with Mastercard


Families Belong Together

How We Play

SAF is not the sisterhood of the traveling pants. One size does not fit all - and that's the way we like it. We scale our projects based on your needs from weekly subscriptions to one-offs, creative sprints and marketing speed dates, to super awesome workshops and training sessions. Tell us how you feel, and we'll make it work.

No Size Fits All

From simple to the scratch-your-head complicated, we are in it to win it. You bring us on to achieve a goal, we create a clear plan and we take it from soup to nuts.

Best Friends Forever (or at least as long as you want)

Everything under one house, a monthly fee so you don't have to worry about a thing. Relax, we got this.


Give us one or two weeks and we will wrap your digital or experiential strategy up and deliver real solutions.

Build Your Superawesome

Do you have a dream for the kinds of partners you want or the way you should build audience? We believe in Unicorns, so we will help you build your dream.

Mikhael Tara Garver has been a leader in immersive and experiential storytelling for the past 18 years. She architects large-scale, social impact, multi-platform, experiences that combine technology and live events. She has created work for brands, agencies, non-profits, and individuals that have taken audiences through underground tunnels, disused spaces, rock clubs, marches, shopping centers, and more.

This May, Mikhael was one of 100 invitees to Entertain Change - a gathering of social impact culture makers hosted by Pop Culture Collaborative. She was also commissioned to design the experience for the two day event and was recently awarded a grant by the Pop Culture Collaborative for emergency strategy experiential work. She was also one of six international artists awarded the International Sacatar Fellowship (an installation around neurology and coastal ecology) in Brazil.

Mikhael was a director on Sleep No More at American Repertory Theater. She has worked nationally in many of our major theaters: The Atlantic Theater, American Conservatory Theater, The Kitchen, Bard University, Grand Arts Center, The Public Theater, to name a few. She created The Experiment for the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and was the former Managing Artistic Director of NY Immersive Leader Woodshed Collective (Kpop, Empire Travel Agency).

Jim Glaub (Partner) is a recognized leader in innovative marketing, social media, web design and video production for the theatre and has worked on over fifty Broadway shows. As the Deputy Head of Content and Digital Media for The Society of London Theatre, he has helped raise the profile of London Theatre via and the Olivier Awards. Back in NYC, he was the VP of Content and Community at SERINO/COYNE, the nation's longest-running live-entertainment advertising agency.

Jim is on the adivsory committee for the American Theatre Wing. A member of the Broadway League, the board of trustees for the Woodshed Collective. He's the proud winner of two 2016 Webby Awards, Telly Awards in 2018, 2017 and 2016 and a 2014 Webby Honor.

He's been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Forbes, Variety, Mashable, NPR's Marketplace, Playbill, Broadwayworld, The Price is Right and Cash Cab. He is one of BroadwayWorld's Top Tweeters to follow.

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